Good Aquarium Care

Aquarium Care: 10 Keys To A Healthy Aquarium

Partial Aquarium Water ChangeWhether an aquarium hobbyist is a beginner or a pro, the best thing about aquarium care is that the basics are the same. Proper cycling, protecting good bacteria, testing water early and often, and avoiding overstocking are some of the smart ways to maintain a healthy aquarium…more

Bamboo Shrimp In Planted Aquarium

Bamboo Shrimp: Tank Mates, Food, Care, Feeding & Molting

Bamboo Shrimp Shell Has Color ShiftsBamboo Shrimp, a/k/a Wood Shrimp, are native to Southeast Asia and can be a very interesting aquarium shrimp in a tank. Bamboo Shrimp are very peaceful in disposition and are really fun to watch. Bamboo Shrimp are readily available for sale at both the local fish store as well as chain stores, and they are available in small, medium and large sizes. Before you buy, make sure your aquarium shrimp has all of its legs, antennae and eyes and is otherwise active and healthy…more

Cherry Shrimp In A Planted Aquarium

Red Cherry Shrimp, Care, Feeding, Tank Setup & Lifespan

Cherry Shrimp Help Keep A Tank CleanRed Cherry Shrimp can be a beautiful addition to an aquarium, especially a tank with lots of green plants and black gravel or substrate, because the color of their red shells really “pops”. Red Cherry Shrimp are also great scavengers and algae eating shrimp…more

Amano Shrimp In Freshwater Aquarium

Amano Shrimp Care, Feeding, Algae Eating, Size & Lifespan

Amano Shrimp Care Is Relatively EasyAmano Shrimp (Caridina multidentata) are often referred to as algae eating shrimp. And as algae eaters go they do a good job. But Amano Shrimp are much more than that. Amano Shrimp are a very interesting, energetic and fascinating shrimp to watch…more

Nerite Snail In Planted Aquarium

Nerite Snails: Algae Eating, Care, Lifespan, Eggs, & Types

Nerite Snail Algae EatingNerite Snails come in many types, including: Zebra Nerites, Tiger Nerites, Olive Nerites and Horned Nerites. They are considered to be one of the best tank cleaners and algae eating snails around. But Nerite Snails are more than just part of an aquarium cleaning crew….more

Ghost Shrimp Freshwater Aquarium

Ghost Shrimp: Care, Food, Lifespan, Habitat & Videos

Ghost Shrimp LifespanGhost Shrimp are a translucent aquarium shrimp that are often considered to be feeders, but they can be a very interesting tank mate to keep. Because Ghost Shrimp are nearly clear, it is possible to watch what happens inside a Ghost Shrimp when it eats…more

Vampire Shrimp In Freshwater Tank

Vampire Shrimp: Care, Food, Tank Mates & Lifespan

Vampire Shrimp are interesting and active filter feeders that snatch food from the water current in the tank with their little fanned hands. They are peaceful and tranquil inhabitants and will enjoy being in community tanks with lots of live plants…more

Moss Ball Freshwater Aquarium

Moss Balls: Care, Water Parameters & Lighting

Moss Ball In A Freshwater AquariumMoss Balls can be a fun and interesting addition to a freshwater aquarium. Caring for Moss Balls is easy and they make a great conversation piece. In addition, Moss Balls provide tank inhabitants with a place to hide, explore and pick food off of…more

Aquarium Dimensions Chart

Aquarium Dimensions: Sizes By Length, Width & Height

Aquarium dimensions and sizes for fish tanks in the United States are generally standard. They are measured in inches and in terms of Length, Width and Height. Water volume is measured in US gallons, and aquarium size is often referred to in terms of gallons per tank…more

Aquarium Gravel

Clean Aquarium Gravel By Soaking, Rinsing & Repeating

A good way to thoroughly clean aquarium gravel is to separate it into small manageable piles of about a pound each, and rinse each pile separately. Trying to rinse too much gravel at once may not remove all the dust, and that dust will end up in the tank…more

Aquarium Buckets Are Very Important

Aquarium Buckets: An Important Aquarium Accessory

Aquarium Bucket Handles Need To Be StrongAn often overlooked consideration of aquarium care is what to do about aquarium buckets for partial water changes and aquarium cleaning. All too often the new aquarium hobbyist will go into the garage or down to the basement, grab a couple of old buckets, swish them out in the stationary tub and use them to start adding water to their aquarium. This is not the best way…more