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Welcome to Aquarium Care Basics, our freshwater aquarium care forum, with aquarium video galleries, aquarium pictures, high resolution aquarium photos and hobby information for both beginners and experienced fish keepers alike.

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Aquarium Pictures

Our aquarium pictures help tell the story about fish tanks, freshwater shrimp, freshwater snails, aquarium plants, algae growth, aquarium care and the rest. Hopefully our aquarium pictures will be interesting, informative and provide insights as to how freshwater tank inhabitants live. But most importantly, we hope that our aquarium pictures are as fun to look at as they were to take.

Freshwater Aquarium Video Galleries

If aquarium pictures are worth a thousand words, then an HD freshwater aquarium video must be worth a million. And a freshwater aquarium video gallery must be worth a billion. These days, with HD cameras and non-linear editing systems so readily available we can easily capture HD video of fish tanks and their inhabitants. Its really a great way to better observe and enjoy watching their behavior up close. The level of details seen is amazing.

Freshwater Aquarium Care Articles

Here are the freshwater aquarium articles on our site. Hopefully readers will find them interesting and insightful. These aquarium articles focus on the basics and fundamentals of fishkeeping. Subjects include: aquarium size, aquarium setup, the importance of establishing and keeping “good bacteria” in the tank, and the notion of thinking through ideas thoroughly before making purchases and spending money.

Aquarium Articles


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