Brazilian Sword Plant Care: Issues In Freshwater Tanks

A Brazilian Sword is a common plant available in pet stores these days. A Brazilian Sword is a nice looking plant with lush green leaves and durable looking stems. The stems grow upward from the crown, with roots growing outward and downward from where the stems come together at the base. A Brazilian Sword may also be sold under the name of Peace Lily. A Brazilian Sword may be displayed in stores fully submerged in tanks, planted in little plastic pots. The plants submerged in display tanks often look great and are appealing. But Brazilian Sword is not really a true aquatic plant. It is more of a terrarium or bog plant.

Much has been written about Brazilian Sword on forums and message boards. There is some debate online as to whether this plant is a true aquarium plant or not. Many aquarium hobbyists say that their Brazilian Sword plant is dying or has died. Other hobbyist report that their plant is surviving completely submerged in water.

Brazilian Sword Plant Images

When researching the forums about this plant, one of the things to keep in mind is there may be a looseness in pet stores when it comes to naming plants or labeling them correctly. One pet store may receive a particular terrarium plant species labelled Brazilian Sword, and another pet store may receive a similar looking aquarium plant species also labelled Brazilian Sword. The first plant will not survive completely submerged in water and the second plant can. Its also possible that tags on correctly labelled plants can get mixed up in the display tank. Another factor is that this plant looks similar to an Amazon Sword which can do very well submerged in water.

Since it may take a long time for this plant to die, some hobbyists may believe their plant is doing well when it is actually on a slow path downward. Either way, if there is any question about suitability for aquarium use, be sure to check with the clerk at the store to get his or her input.

Given this, its important that new hobbyists not get discouraged or think they did something wrong if they purchase the plant and it ends up dying. The issue is more about the plant type versus aquarium keeping prowess. This is the type of mistake that nearly every new hobbyist makes at one time or another. The best thing to do is not fret over it. Instead, just chalk it up to experience.

One thing about this plant is that if planted and cared for properly in a terrarium environment, it can grow pretty flowers.