Canister Filter O Rings: Keeping Spares Is Key

A note about Canister Filter O Rings: If you own a canister filter, one of the best aquarium accessories to have are some extra brand new “O Rings” on hand. Karma is on your side with this: since you have them, you may never need them at 2 AM. It’s always good to stay a step ahead when it comes to aquarium water. If a canister filter springs a leak, its better to be prepared than cleaning up with a mop and rolls of paper towels.

Canister Filter O Rings Come In Many Sizes

Canister Filter O Rings come in many sizes and are specific to fit each particular canister filter. Check the instructions that came with the filter to get the proper model number and size, and make sure there will be compatibility. Large chain stores and local fish stores sell canister filters, but often not the replacement O Rings. Hardware stores sometimes carry O Rings with the proper dimensions, but it’s really best to buy the replacement part specifically for the brand of filter. Be sure to inquire about this very important replacement part before purchasing a canister filter. If the store does not carry Canister Filter O Rings, the Canister Filter O Rings can be ordered online.

Canister Filter O Rings Damage Easily

Canister Filter O Rings can also become dry and brittle. That’s why it’s important to always keep Canister Filter O Rings unopened in their original packaging until used. Once opened, keep Canister Filter O Rings lubricated with a few drops of tank water gently applied with the index finger before sealing the canister. And Canister Filter O Rings can become damaged, creased or torn when the filter is opened or closed. Most of time, the damage is a very small little tear in the rubber and is very hard to see. Even little tears can prevent a proper seal. So be sure to inspect the O Ring carefully, and handle it gently.

Canister Filter O Rings: Testing the Seal

After cleaning the canister filter, a good way to test the seal of the O Ring is to dry the outside of the canister filter with paper towels and place a dry paper towel under the filter itself. Power the unit on and visually inspect for leaks. After a couple of hours, if the sides of the unit are dry, and the paper towel under the unit is also dry, then it’s a strong indication that the Canister Filter O Rings is working, the seal is proper, and everything is good to go.

Canister Filter O Ring Pictures