What Types Of Food Do Bamboo Shrimp Eat?

Here is a often asked question: What types of food do Bamboo Shrimp eat?

Bamboo Shrimp are filter feeders so they spend their time in the tank with their little baseball-like mitts up in front of them. They use these to strain water for food floating in the water column.

Bamboo Shrimp Eat Food From Water Column

Bamboo Shrimp position themselves so that they face a relatively strong water current. Often they can be seen on top of plants near HOB filter returns, or on the bottom of the tank hiding in a bunch of plants, or other places as long as the current is good. Bamboo Shrimp filter out bits of uneaten food from the water column, or edible free floating plant material. In an established, planted tank there is often plenty of edible materials available. But if not, supplements of finely ground algae wafers can be added into the current moving toward the shrimp so they can feed off the tiny bits of added food.

Another fascinating thing about how Bamboo Shrimp eat is how they are able to secure their position to get the best possible angle on the incoming water. Bamboo Shrimp seem to like porous surfaces best, or any smooth surface with nooks or crevices. They then place the little points on the tips of their legs in the pores or crevices and open their feeding fans. They seem very efficient with their feeding process. And they also seem very content to stay in one position provided the food keeps coming.