Ghost Shrimp Feeding Closeup In A Freshwater Tank

Observing a Ghost Shrimp feeding closeup reveals some very interesting things. Ghost Shrimp appear to be very industrious and engaging invertebrates. They are translucent and the inner workings of their bodies can be seen moving as they eat.

A Ghost Shrimp Feeding Shows Its Colors

Ghost Shrimp are basically clear, but they can range from nearly clear to dark grey-ish. The Ghost Shrimp in the video is on the grey-ish side with patches of dark grey running along the side of this body.

Observe the front legs. They are used to position and pick at food, and they seem to have the ability to accurately and precisely pick up what they want. At the tip, there appear to be tweezers to help pick up food. There also appear to be little barbs on some of its front legs as well. Finally, there are two orange parts on his top antennae and orange wraps around the middle of its front legs. There are also orange dots on the top of its tail.

Ghost Shrimp Feeding Closeup: Eyes And Feelers

As the different color food passes through their bodies, the food can be seen. First, the food goes in their mouths and collects behind the eyes on the top of their heads. Then it slowly makes its way down through the torso. Finally, the food can be seen running through a thin, fine tube down the tail and out the end. Brown fish flakes are particularly good for this purpose, as the dark color contrasts well against the lighter colors of the shrimp’s interior.


Berried Ghost Shrimp In A Freshwater Aquarium