Red Cherry Shrimp Eating Algae Off Glass

Watching Red Cherry Shrimp eating algae can be fascinating.

Red Cherry Shrimp can spend hours and hours searching hard surfaces like decorations, power filter intakes, live slow growing plant leaves, and even aquarium glass for soft algae to eat. Red Cherry Shrimp seem to be more interested in the softer slimy bio-film types of algae as opposed to the darker, harder algae types like Green Spot Algae. When Red Cherry Shrimp find a spot to feast, they really can get right up and close to it, even if the algae is growing on aquarium glass. Red Cherry Shrimp can actually affix themselves to the algae gowning on the glass while they feed. It must be one of the advantages of being small, agile and light.

Legs Move Quickly

Once Red Cherry Shrimp hold themselves in position, they use their front legs to pick at the edible matter and put it in their mouth. A close observation shows just how quickly their legs move as they pick at the food. Other close observations reveal that one shrimp can devour a spot of algae all on its own. That said, its not uncommon for shrimp to feed in small or large groups, eating algae growing in wider areas. Large groups of shrimp seem to be able to feed in wider areas peacefully without conflict or aggressive behavior. Once the area of algae is eaten clean, the shrimp move to another area and begin the feeding process all over again.

Red Cherry Shrimp Eating Algae Growing On Glass