Amano Shrimp Feeding On Soft Algae Growing On A Hard Surface

Amano Shrimp feeding habits include relentlessly scouring hard surfaces like filter intakes for soft bio-film algae. They search throughout the tank for patches of edible algae and they position themselves right on top of it. Here is an HD video of an Amano Shrimp feeding on a spot that apparently has a lot of something tasty growing on it. This Amano Shrimp ate from this spot for hours.

Amano Shrimp Feeding & Algae Eating

The aquarium algae Amano Shrimp enjoy feeding on may not necessarily be of the green or brown varieties that grow visible on glass. Instead they may sometimes find areas covered with clear slimy algae that is slippery to the touch. It feels like a hard surface would feel when covered with something like raw egg whites. Manually cleaning this soft film algae would require scrubbing it with a dry paper towel. Fortunately, this Amano Shrimp can clean it quite well.

In addition to eating soft algae, an Amano Shrimp will also be interested in feeding on otherwise uneaten food that has fallen to the tank bottom. These other food sources can include: fish flakes, pellets, bottom feeder tablets, dead or decaying leaves and stems from live aquarium plants. They may also be interested in some soft green vegetables like zucchini, as well as soft green leafy lettuce.

One of the best things about Amano Shrimp is that even thought they may like leafy lettuce, they can be kept in tanks with live plants, as they are generally not interested in devouring them like some other tank inhabitants may be.

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