Nerite Snail Eating Algae From Aquarium Glass – Video

This video shows a Nerite Snail eating algae off aquarium glass. The Nerite Snail is a peaceful and tranquil aquarium cleaner. Nerites are frequently on the move searching the hard surfaces in the tank for something to eat. Nerites move across glass, gravel or substrate, filter intakes, decorations and even hard plant leaves eating the edible material.

Nerite Snail Eating Algae: A Great Tank Cleaner

A snail’s foot expands and contrasts, moving the snail in the right direction. It’s mouth opens and closes, scraping up soft edible matter. There does not seem to be a specific pattern to the feeding process, but it does not seem random, either.

The Nerite Snail in this video has been moving back and forth, working on the same section of aquarium glass for hours. The aquarium glass has a soft brown green algae on it along with a slippery film coating. Wipe the soft brown green algae coating off with a clean cloth. There is also a layer of hard dark green algae on the glass that only comes off by being scraped.

Nerite Snails Helping Clean A Tank: 30 Second Video

Soft Algae Preferred

The Nerite Snail seems to be doing a great job eating the soft algae and film, but the hard dark green algae seems to be too tough for it. And when the snail comes across harder algae it can be seen slightly turning away before its mouth covers the spot. The hard dark green algae stays behind. And that’s one of the most fascinating things: the snail appears to be able to know the difference.

Nerite Snail Eating Algae Off Glass