Ghost Shrimp Tank Mates Are Very Important

Ghost Shrimp Tank Mates Are Very Important – Video

Ghost Shrimp In A Freshwater Aquarium
Small Ghost Shrimp

Choosing proper Ghost Shrimp tank mates is a very important consideration when keeping these small translucent invertebrates. Because Ghost Shrimp are so small, they are easy prey and often times end up getting picked on or eaten by larger tank inhabitants. Not only does their small size make them extremely vulnerable, they do not have claws or any other means to defend themselves against larger and more aggressive predictors.

Ghost Shrimp Tank Mates: Non-Aggressive

Ghost Shrimp seem to be happy living in small or larger groups of their own kind provided there is ample room in the aquarium for each to have their own space. Sometimes when groups of Ghost Shrimp are crowded they can become aggressive with each other. Also, it’s important that Ghost Shrimp be kept in an environment with lots of small hiding places. Live aquarium plants are also a good idea as they provide the shrimp with many places to hid and explore.

Ghost Shrimp can co-exist with Amano Shrimp, but it’s a good idea to make sure the Amano Shrimp are the larger of the two. In this video, the larger Amano Shrimp is eating an pellet and the Ghost Shrimp is waiting down current for bits of food to break off and float its way. The Ghost Shrimp finds the courage to move toward the pellet. The Amano Shrimp pulls the food away to protect it and the Ghost Shrimp backs down. Even though the Amano decides to not share the pellet, both shrimp seem to have found a way to live together without much trouble. Things may not have gone so smoothly had the Ghost Shrimp been bigger than the Amano.

Ghost Shrimp tank mates can also include other non-aggressive inhabitants along the lines of Nerite Snails, Mystery Snails, Corys, Ottos and filter feeders like Bamboo Shrimp and Vampire Shrimp. If there are any questions about compatibility, check with the store clerk whether a species with be a good Ghost Shrimp tank mates before purchasing add introducing it to the tank.

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